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Next Generation Skills
The Next Generation Skills were previously called "21st-century skills". These are a set of critical skills that need to be taught through a curriculum which is interdisciplinary, integrated, project-based and more, in order for students to have success in the global society. These necessary 21st-century skills are:

• Critical thinking and problem-solving
• Collaboration
• Agility and adaptability
• Initiative and entrepreneurialism
• Effective oral and written communication
• Accessing and analyzing information
• Curiosity and imagination

The 21st-century skills have now been enhanced and are called Next Generation Skills which is a combination of cognitive processes, life and career skills, and the technologies that enable individuals to leverage these processes for the greatest impact in a global society.

Attached is a continuum of the Next Generation Skills which was developed by Instructional Leadership Council to guide the District's leadership, curriculum writers and teachers in the support of our students' acquisition of Next Generation Skills.